Bonobo Git Server

Simple git server for Windows.

Set up your own git server hosted on IIS for Windows. Manage users and have full control over your repositories with a user friendly graphical interface.

Download 3.1.0

See the changelog

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The installation is very easy and all functions are managed with a nice and clean graphical interface.

You can use your current infrastructure and security. Bonobo Git Server runs on your IIS.

See the demo and features.


Bonobo Git Server is open-source. It is licensed with a MIT License.

The source code is available on github. The project is very extensible and you can influence where it is heading.

You are invited to contribute.


Take your private git server to the next level with a free and paid support.

You can buy support and you can request custom features that suits your specific needs.

Bonobo Git Server is an active project!